The Bourne Conservation Trust owns 114 acres of land spanning 12 properties, and has 3.9 miles of public trails The official website for Bourne Conservation Trust is

Bourne Conservation Trust Property Map

Bourne Conservation Trust Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Red Brook Pond Conservation Area Bourne 1.6
Little Bay Conservation Area Bourne 1.4
Denormandie Woods Bourne 0.6
John Handy Conservation Area Bourne 0.2
Red Brook Harbor Overlook Bourne 0.1
Post Office View Bourne 0.0
No Name Bourne 0
Agawam Point Bourne 0
Lawrence Island Bourne 0
Nickerson Conservation Area Bourne 0
Old North Rd Parcel Bourne 0
Paulinda Rd Parcel Bourne 0