The City of Beverly owns 1.4 square miles of land spanning 36 properties, and has 19 miles of public trails The official website for City of Beverly is

City of Beverly Property Map

City of Beverly Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
No Name Beverly 7
Beverly Res Land Beverly 2.6
Sally Milligan Nature Reserve Beverly 2.1
No Name Beverly 1.0
J.C. Phillips Nature Preserve Wenham 1.0
Green's Hill Beverly 1.0
No Name Beverly 0.7
No Name Beverly 0.7
Beverly Common Beverly 0.5
No Name Beverly 0.4
Hurd Stadium/Cooney Field Beverly 0.3
Dix Park Beverly 0.3
Lyons Park Beverly 0.2
Lynch Park Beverly 0.2
Independence Park Beverly 0.1
Beverly Pier Beverly 0.1
Odell Park Beverly 0.1
Obear Park Beverly 0.1
No Name Beverly 0.0
Rice's Beach Beverly 0.0
Barlett Playground Beverly 0.0
Bessie Baker Park Beverly 0.0
Goldway Playground Beverly 0.0
Balch Playground Beverly 0
Beaver Pond Area Beverly 0
Femino Park Beverly 0
Gage Street Playground Beverly 0
Gillis Park Beverly 0
Harry Ball Park Beverly 0
Innocenti Park Beverly 0
McKay Playground Beverly 0
Park St Playground Beverly 0
Prince Street Landing Beverly 0
Vittori Park Beverly 0
Wardell Square Beverly 0
Woodbury Street Landing Beverly 0