The City of Brockton owns 1.3 square miles of land spanning 23 properties, and has 4.1 miles of public trails The official website for City of Brockton is

City of Brockton Property Map

City of Brockton Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Beaver Brook Conservation Land Brockton 2.9
D.W. Field Park Brockton 0.8
D W Field Park Avon 0.1
Harold D. Bent Playground Brockton 0.1
Brookfield Nature Area Brockton 0.1
No Name Avon 0
No Name Brockton 0
Campello Pool Brockton 0
Eldon B. Kieth Field Brockton 0
George G. Snow Park Brockton 0
Gilbert Walker Playground Brockton 0
Hancock Field Brockton 0
Hilstrom Farm Park Brockton 0
Jas Edgar Playground Brockton 0
Kieth Park Brockton 0
McKinley Park Brockton 0
O'Donnell Playground Brockton 0
Otis Street Park Brockton 0
Perkins Park Brockton 0
Plymouth St. Playground Brockton 0
Puffer Playground Brockton 0
Washburn Meadow Brockton 0
Winthrop Square Clock Park Brockton 0