The City of Gloucester owns 1.2 square miles of land spanning 49 properties, and has 9 miles of public trails The official website for City of Gloucester is

City of Gloucester Property Map

City of Gloucester Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
No Name Gloucester 2.6
Stage Fort Park Gloucester 1.9
Red Rocks Conservation Area Gloucester 0.9
Marble Road Conservation Area Gloucester 0.7
Plum Cove Recreation Area Gloucester 0.6
Lawrence Mt Reservation Gloucester 0.6
Burnham Field Gloucester 0.4
No Name Gloucester 0.2
Rec Land Gloucester 0.2
Captain Solomon Jacobs Park Gloucester 0.2
Wingaersheek Beach Gloucester 0.2
Rafes Chasm Park Gloucester 0.2
Gordon Thomas Park Gloucester 0.1
Park At Fort Point Gloucester 0.1
Swinsons Farm Gloucester 0.1
Magnolia Park Gloucester 0.1
No Name Gloucester 0.1
No Name Gloucester 0.0
No Name Gloucester 0.0
Fishermans Memorial Park Gloucester 0.0
Lanes Cove Landing Gloucester 0.0
Head Of Lobster Cove Landing Gloucester 0.0
Bickford Playground Gardner 0
No Name Gloucester 0
No Name Gloucester 0
No Name Gloucester 0
No Name Gloucester 0
No Name Gloucester 0
No Name Gloucester 0
Boynton Island & Causeway Gloucester 0
Brown"S Mill Landing Gloucester 0
Clay Pit Landing Gloucester 0
Corliss Landing Gloucester 0
County Landing Gloucester 0
Green Landing And Marsh Gloucester 0
Hodgkins Cove Landing Gloucester 0
Kents Cove Landing Gloucester 0
Knowlton Park Gloucester 0
Little River Landing Gloucester 0
Long Wharf Landing Gloucester 0
Lookout Park/Governors Hill Gloucester 0
Monument At Brown"S Mill Landing Gloucester 0
O Maley School Gloucester 0
Oval Playground Gloucester 0
Ram Island Gloucester 0
Rocky Neck Park Gloucester 0
Stanwood Point Landing Gloucester 0
Ten Pound Island Gloucester 0
West Parish School Gloucester 0