The City of Greenfield owns 1.1 square miles of land spanning 19 properties, and has 7 miles of public trails

City of Greenfield Property Map

City of Greenfield Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Temple Woods & Highland Park Greenfield 2.6
Rocky Mountain Park Greenfield 1.8
Rocky Mountain Conservation Land Greenfield 1.3
Shelburne Rd Conservation Land Greenfield 0.5
Westwood Wildlife Sanctuary Greenfield 0.4
Industrial Land Greenfield 0.1
Beacon Field Greenfield 0.0
No Name Greenfield 0
No Name Greenfield 0
Bernardston Conservation Land Greenfield 0
Davis St Tennis Courts Greenfield 0
Green River Park Greenfield 0
Green River/Riverside Greenfield 0
Griswold Wildlife Sanctuary Greenfield 0
Gtd Conservation Land Greenfield 0
Hillside Park Greenfield 0
Leyden Woods Greenfield 0
North Greenfield Park Greenfield 0
Wellfield Greenfield 0