The City of Leominster owns 1.9 square miles of land spanning 22 properties, and has 9 miles of public trails The official website for City of Leominster is

City of Leominster Property Map

City of Leominster Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Barrett Park Leominster 2.9
Nashua Valley Conservation Area Leominster 1.7
Sholan Farms Leominster 1.5
Monoosnoc Acres Leominster 1.1
Mt. Elam Road Leominster 1.0
No Name Leominster 0.6
Bartlett Swamp Leominster 0.5
Prospect Park Conservation Area Leominster 0.2
No Name Leominster 0
Coulter Estate Leominster 0
Desantis Field Leominster 0
Doyle Field Leominster 0
Eastern Ave. Park Leominster 0
Fairfield Park Leominster 0
Fall Brook Cons. Area Leominster 0
Fournier Park Leominster 0
Frances Drake School Leominster 0
Leominster Lassie League Field Complex Leominster 0
Old Smith Pond Leominster 0
Prospect Park Leominster 0
Rt 190 Cons.Area Leominster 0
Twelvth Street Field Leominster 0