The City of Marlborough owns 1.0 square miles of land spanning 23 properties, and has 10 miles of public trails The official website for City of Marlborough is

City of Marlborough Property Map

City of Marlborough Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
No Name Marlborough 2.2
Cider Knoll Conservation Land Marlborough 2.0
Ghiloni Park Marlborough 1.5
Desert Conservation Land Marlborough 1.5
Jericho Hill Marlborough 1.2
Artemas Ward Park Marlborough 0.5
City Forest Addition Marlborough 0.4
Kelleher Field Marlborough 0.4
Felton Conservation Area Marlborough 0.3
Bigelow Street Conservation Land Marlborough 0.1
Union Square Marlborough 0.0
John Street Park Marlborough 0.0
Carisbrooke Park Marlborough 0
Colaianni Playground Marlborough 0
Holts Grove Marlborough 0
Howe Pond Land Marlborough 0
Korean War Vet Park Marlborough 0
Lake Williams Marlborough 0
Paternoster Land Marlborough 0
Simpson Road Park Marlborough 0
Stevens Howe Park Marlborough 0
Stevens Street Land Marlborough 0
Von Alt Gift Marlborough 0