The City of Northampton owns 4.7 square miles of land spanning 39 properties, and has 39 miles of public trails The official website for City of Northampton is

City of Northampton Property Map

City of Northampton Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Saw Mill Hills Conservation Area Northampton 8
Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area Northampton 7
Mineral Hill Conservation Area Northampton 5
Mineral Hill Conservation Area Westhampton 5
Roberts Reservoir Complex Northampton 4.5
Look Park Northampton 3.4
Roberts Hill Conservation Area Northampton 2.9
Smith School V.A. Parcel Northampton 1.6
Childs Park Northampton 1.2
No Name Northampton 1.1
Turkey Hill Northampton 1.0
Spring St. Well Northampton 0.8
Meadows Conservation Area Northampton 0.5
Nagle Downtown Walkway Northampton 0.4
Northampton Water Department Land Williamsburg 0.3
Arcanum Field Northampton 0.2
Sheldon Field Northampton 0.2
Pines Edge Conserv. Area Northampton 0.2
Barrett St. Marsh Northampton 0.1
Park Northampton 0.1
Bridge St. Park/School Northampton 0.1
Trail Northampton 0.1
J. Elwell Conservation Area Northampton 0.1
No Name Northampton 0.1
Aquifer Protection Area Northampton 0.0
Agnes Fox Field Northampton 0
Burke Conservation Area Northampton 0
Clark St Well Northampton 0
David Mustante Beach Northampton 0
Florence Grammar Northampton 0
Gutowski Conservation Area Northampton 0
Maines Field Northampton 0
Mary Brown's Dingle Northampton 0
Mill River Greenway Northampton 0
Rainbow Beach Conservation Area Northampton 0
Ray Ellerbook Field Northampton 0
Smith School Northampton 0
Veterans Field Northampton 0
Northampton Watershed Land Westhampton 0