The City of Taunton owns 1.7 square miles of land spanning 17 properties, and has 13 miles of public trails The official website for City of Taunton is

City of Taunton Property Map

City of Taunton Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Arthur Sharp Estate Taunton 7
Boyden Park Taunton 4.1
Memorial Park Taunton 0.8
Westville Conservation Area Taunton 0.7
Weir Park Taunton 0.3
Mill River Park Taunton 0.1
No Name Taunton 0
No Name Taunton 0
Cain Pond Taunton 0
Emmie F. Hutt Forest Taunton 0
Hopewell Park Taunton 0
Mcgovern Property Taunton 0
Myricks Taunton 0
Plonka Property Taunton 0
Terra Property Taunton 0
Union Plaza Taunton 0
Woodward Springs Taunton 0