The City of Waltham owns 471 acres of land spanning 28 properties, and has 12 miles of public trails The official website for City of Waltham is

City of Waltham Property Map

City of Waltham Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Prospect Hill Park Waltham 5
Storer Conservation Land Waltham 3.5
Waltham Common Waltham 0.9
Nipper Maher Park Waltham 0.8
Elsie Turner Park Waltham 0.5
Hagop N. "Jack" Koutoujian Playground Waltham 0.2
Cedarwood Playground Waltham 0.2
James Falzone Memorial Park Waltham 0.2
Roberts Playground Waltham 0.2
McKenna Playground Waltham 0.1
Graverson Playground Waltham 0.1
No Name Waltham 0.0
No Name Waltham 0.0
Bradford Drake Playground Waltham 0
Cornelia Warren Field Waltham 0
Forest Street Park Waltham 0
Henry Whittemore Elementary School Waltham 0
Hillcroft Playground Waltham 0
Lazazzero Playground Waltham 0
Leary Field Waltham 0
Logan Park Waltham 0
Lowell Field Waltham 0
McDonald Playground Waltham 0
Monsignor McCabe/ Warrendale Playground Waltham 0
Peter Gilmore Playground Waltham 0
Pond End Tot Lot Waltham 0
Thompson Playground Waltham 0
Waltham Woods Waltham 0