The City of Watertown owns 82 acres of land spanning 15 properties, and has 2.9 miles of public trails

City of Watertown Property Map

City of Watertown Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Arsenal Park Watertown 1.0
Filippello Park Watertown 0.6
Whitney Hill Park Watertown 0.5
Victory Field Watertown 0.1
James P. Casey Memorial Park Watertown 0.1
Sullivan Playground Watertown 0.1
Saltonstall Park Watertown 0.1
Moxley Playground Watertown 0.1
552 Main Street Playground Watertown 0.1
Lowell Playground Watertown 0.1
Howe Park Watertown 0.0
O'Connell Park Watertown 0.0
Bemis Playground Watertown 0
Linear Park Watertown 0
Williams Pond Watertown 0