The City of Weymouth owns 1.2 square miles of land spanning 44 properties, and has 17 miles of public trails The official website for City of Weymouth is

City of Weymouth Property Map

City of Weymouth Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Great Esker Park Weymouth 6
Bradford Torrey Bird Sanctuary Weymouth 2.8
House Rock Park Weymouth 0.9
Osprey Overlook Park Weymouth 0.8
Legion Memorial Field Weymouth 0.8
Cavern Rock Park Weymouth 0.8
Lovell Field Weymouth 0.7
Julia Road Playground Weymouth 0.7
Ralph Talbot Nature Reserve Weymouth 0.5
Weston Park Weymouth 0.4
Forest St Conservation Land Weymouth 0.4
Beals Park Weymouth 0.2
Walter Gagnon Park Weymouth 0.2
Stella Tirrell Park Weymouth 0.2
Central Playground Weymouth 0.2
Bradford Hawes Park Weymouth 0.1
Abigail Adams Green Weymouth 0.1
James O'Sullivan Park Weymouth 0.1
Millstone Conservation Area Weymouth 0.1
Richard E Gifford Memorial Park Weymouth 0.1
Humphrey Field Weymouth 0.1
Old Swamp River Conservation Weymouth 0.1
Sarah Brassil Playground Park Weymouth 0.0
Park Land Weymouth 0.0
Great Hill Park Weymouth 0.0
William E. Newell Memorial Playground Weymouth 0.0
No Name Weymouth 0
No Name Weymouth 0
No Name Weymouth 0
No Name Weymouth 0
Cadman Conservation Area Weymouth 0
Carolyn Road Conservation Area Weymouth 0
Century Road Conservation Forest Weymouth 0
Conservation Land At Whitmans Weymouth 0
Front Street Park Weymouth 0
John Mccullock Whipple Center Weymouth 0
North Weymouth Boat Ramp Weymouth 0
Pine Street Conservation Forest Weymouth 0
Pratts Meadow Weymouth 0
Robert S. Hoffman Park Weymouth 0
Susnset Rd Park Land Weymouth 0
Water Dept Land Weymouth 0
Webb Park Weymouth 0
Whortleberry Pond Weymouth 0