The City of Woburn owns 162 acres of land spanning 16 properties, and has 2.0 miles of public trails The official website for City of Woburn is

City of Woburn Property Map

City of Woburn Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Battle Road Woodland Area Woburn 0.9
Shaker Glen Conservation Area Woburn 0.7
Woburn Common Woburn 0.2
Ferullo Field Woburn 0.1
Weafer Park Woburn 0.1
Cranberry Bog Conservation Area Woburn 0
Game Time Park Woburn 0
Gonsalves Park Woburn 0
Johnson Park Woburn 0
Kiwanis Park Woburn 0
Leland Park Woburn 0
Library Park Woburn 0
Loves Lane Area Woburn 0
Rag Rock Conservation Area Woburn 0
School Street Land Woburn 0
Town-Line Lot Woburn 0