The Cohasset Conservation Trust owns 108 acres of land spanning 11 properties, and has no public trails. The official website for Cohasset Conservation Trust is

Cohasset Conservation Trust Property Map

Cohasset Conservation Trust Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Andrus Island - G Prescott Low Property Cohasset 0
Anne & Daniel Campbell Meadow Cohasset 0
Barbara Churchill Conservation Area Cohasset 0
Dormitzer Salt Marsh Cohasset 0
Francis Shore Cohasset 0
Golden Swamp Cohasset 0
Great Brewster Park Cohasset 0
Hector J. Pelletier Memorial Park Cohasset 0
Pegram Reserve Cohasset 0
Scott's Shore Cohasset 0
Bassing Beach Conservation Area Scituate 0