The Martha"S Vineyard Land Bank owns 1.1 square miles of land spanning 19 properties, and has 4.8 miles of public trails The official website for Martha"S Vineyard Land Bank is

Martha"S Vineyard Land Bank Property Map

Martha"S Vineyard Land Bank Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Pocha Pond Edgartown 1.1
Ripleys Field Preserve Tisbury 0.7
Waskosims Rock West Tisbury 0.7
Seppiessa West Tisbury 0.5
Christian Town Woods West Tisbury 0.3
Brine's Pond Edgartown 0.3
North Neck Highlands Preserve Edgartown 0.2
Gay Head Cliffs Preserve Aquinnah 0.2
No Name Edgartown 0.2
Farm Pond Preserve Oak Bluffs 0.2
Moshup Beach Overlook Aquinnah 0.1
No Name Edgartown 0.1
Moshup Beach Aquinnah 0.1
Wapatequa Wood Oak Bluffs 0.0
Chappy Point Beach Edgartown 0
Katama Point Edgartown 0
Tisbury Meadow Preserve Tisbury 0
Priester Pond West Tisbury 0
Wompesket West Tisbury 0