The Nashoba Conservation Trust owns 306 acres of land spanning 17 properties, and has 2.1 miles of public trails The official website for Nashoba Conservation Trust is

Nashoba Conservation Trust Property Map

Nashoba Conservation Trust Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Mount Lebanon Pepperell 1.0
Keyes Farm Pepperell 0.5
Gulf & Stewart Brook Pepperell 0.3
Burnham Parcel/Sucker Brook Pepperell 0.2
Friends" Land Pepperell 0.1
No Name Pepperell 0
Anderson Lot Pepperell 0
Burnham Lot Pepperell 0
Eaton Lot/Sucker Brook Pepperell 0
Egan Pond Pepperell 0
Foley Lot Pepperell 0
Greens Brook Trail Pepperell 0
Holmes Donation Pepperell 0
Merrill Parcel Pepperell 0
Parker Lot Pepperell 0
Seminatore Land Pepperell 0
Susan Smith Lot Pepperell 0