The New England Forestry Foundation owns 9 square miles of land spanning 49 properties, and has 31 miles of public trails The official website for New England Forestry Foundation is

New England Forestry Foundation Property Map

New England Forestry Foundation Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Wharton Plantation Groton 9
Nelson Memorial Forest Marshfield 3.2
Norton Tree Farm Gloucester 3.2
Prouty Woods Littleton 2.7
Phelon Memorial Forest Granville 2.5
Sabine Woods Groton 1.6
Groton Place Groton 1.6
Bourne's Hill Road Wareham 1.5
Phebe R Keyes Woods Groton 1.2
Thayer Memorial Forest Lancaster 1.1
Hartnett-Manhan Memorial Forest Easthampton 1.0
N.E. Forestry Land Hudson 0.6
Chase Memorial Forest Royalston 0.5
Mary A. Herrick Forest Boxford 0.3
Mumford Wildlife Forest Natick 0.2
Connecticut River Greenway State Park Deerfield 0.2
Ehrich Forest Royalston 0.2
Nortons Tree Farm Gloucester 0.1
Bridge Lot Middleton 0.1
Wilkins Lot Middleton 0.0
Arms Acres Blandford 0
Falby Memorial Forest Boylston 0
Fawcett Memorial Forest Boylston 0
Donald Powers Memorial Forest Charlton 0
No Name Concord 0
Neff Property Freetown 0
Baddocook Woods Groton 0
Muddy Brook WCE Hardwick 0
Park of the Two Georges Harvard 0
Harriet Carpenter Read Forest Heath 0
Howland Memorial Forest Heath 0
Warren W. Smith Forest Heath 0
Confarm Forest Lancaster 0
Parker Family Woods Lancaster 0
Hagar Forest (Joseph) Marshfield 0
No Name Middleton 0
Barn Lot Middleton 0
Carlstrom Ii Mem. Forest Northborough 0
Battle Dorrance Orange 0
Chestnut Hill Orange 0
Webb Orange 0
No Name Peru 0
Harriet Carpenter Read Forest Rowe 0
Wells Shelburne 0
Goodell Southbridge 0
Warren Walpole 0
Wallace Forest Warwick 0
No Name Westhampton 0
No Name Windsor 0