The Rattlesnake Gutter Trust owns 304 acres of land spanning 11 properties, and has 4.4 miles of public trails The official website for Rattlesnake Gutter Trust is

Rattlesnake Gutter Trust Property Map

Rattlesnake Gutter Trust Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
East Leverett Meadow Conservation Area Leverett 1.0
Long Hill Natural Area Leverett 0.9
Ellamoose Repose Leverett 0.7
Cronen-Marvell Family Conservation Area Leverett 0.6
Bates Sanctuary Leverett 0.6
Whitney Road Conservation Area Leverett 0.5
Mosher Conservation Area Leverett 0.2
Dan Glazier Forest Leverett 0
Laurel Hill Leverett 0
Scheffey Cons. Area Leverett 0
Laurel Hill Montague 0