The Town of Bolton owns 1.0 square miles of land spanning 26 properties, and has 12 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Bolton is

Town of Bolton Property Map

Town of Bolton Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Vaughn Hills Conservation Area Bolton 2.6
Bowers Springs Conservation Area Bolton 2.0
Philben Land Conservation Bolton 1.5
Moen Property Bolton 1.4
No Name Bolton 1.4
No Name Stow 1.4
Lime Kiln Quarry Bolton 1.2
Plummer Gift Bolton 1.0
Sargent Gift Bolton 0.4
Hanson Land Bolton 0.4
No Name Bolton 0.2
No Name Bolton 0.2
White Gift Bolton 0.2
Vinger Gift #2 Bolton 0.1
Veterans Memorial Park Bolton 0.0
No Name Bolton 0
Conservation Land Bolton 0
Cranberry Meadow Bolton 0
Leduc Conservation Land Bolton 0
Persons Park Bolton 0
Pond Park & Skating Pond Bolton 0
Richards Conservation Land Bolton 0
Sochalaski Conservation Land Bolton 0
Welch Pond Conservation Area Bolton 0
Wheeler Gift Bolton 0
Wilder Goose Pond Bolton 0