The Town of Boxford owns 1.1 square miles of land spanning 19 properties, and has 7 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Boxford is

Town of Boxford Property Map

Town of Boxford Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Wildcat Forest Boxford 4.4
Wunnegen Conservation Area Boxford 2.6
Wunnegen Conservation Area Middleton 2.6
Boy Scout Park Boxford 0.2
Town Land Boxford 0.1
Boy Scout Park Fields Boxford 0.1
Boy Scout Park Cr Boxford 0
Camp Sacajawea Boxford 0
Cargill Field Boxford 0
Chadwick Property Boxford 0
Holmes Pond Site Boxford 0
Johnson Field Boxford 0
Nobodys Swamp Boxford 0
Peabody Orchard Boxford 0
Pond Pasture Boxford 0
Stiles Pond Town Land Boxford 0
Town Forest Boxford 0
Town Property Boxford 0
Well Field Boxford 0