The Town of Carlisle owns 1.8 square miles of land spanning 24 properties, and has 22 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Carlisle is

Town of Carlisle Property Map

Town of Carlisle Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Greenough Land Billerica 4.1
Greenough Land Carlisle 4.1
Cranberry Bog Carlisle 3.0
Towle Land Carlisle 2.3
No Name Carlisle 2.3
Town Forest Carlisle 2.0
Davis Corridor Carlisle 2.0
Foss Farm Carlisle 1.9
Ben's Woods Carlisle 1.0
No Name Carlisle 0.9
Conant Land Carlisle 0.8
Benfield Hill Carlisle 0.7
Banta-Davis Land Carlisle 0.4
No Name Carlisle 0.4
No Name Carlisle 0.3
Mcafee Land Carlisle 0.2
Fox Hill Carlisle 0.2
No Name Carlisle 0
No Name Carlisle 0
No Name Carlisle 0
Fisk Meadow Carlisle 0
Gage Woodland Carlisle 0
Heidke Land Carlisle 0
Swanson Lot Carlisle 0