The Town of Chelmsford owns 1.1 square miles of land spanning 16 properties, and has 15 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Chelmsford is

Town of Chelmsford Property Map

Town of Chelmsford Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Russell Mill Pond Town Forest Chelmsford 6
Thanksgiving Ground Town Forest Chelmsford 2.2
Lime Kiln Quarry Chelmsford 1.8
No Name Chelmsford 1.4
No Name Chelmsford 1.2
George B. B. Wright Reservation Chelmsford 1.1
Oak Hill Conservation Chelmsford 0.8
Hickory Hills Conservation Area Chelmsford 0.4
No Name Chelmsford 0.1
No Name Chelmsford 0
No Name Chelmsford 0
No Name Chelmsford 0
Forest Land Chelmsford 0
Roberts Field Chelmsford 0
Southwell Field Chelmsford 0
Water Protection Land Chelmsford 0