The Town of Cohasset owns 299 acres of land spanning 21 properties, and has 2.4 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Cohasset is

Town of Cohasset Property Map

Town of Cohasset Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Wheelwright Park Cohasset 1.1
Brass Kettle Brook Cohasset 0.6
Lily Pond Water Department Land Cohasset 0.3
Cohasset Town Common Cohasset 0.2
Water District Land Cohasset 0.1
Town Pool Cohasset 0.1
Brass Kettle Brook CR Cohasset 0.0
Beechwood Ball Park Cohasset 0.0
No Name Cohasset 0
No Name Cohasset 0
No Name Cohasset 0
Barnes Wildlife Sanctuary Cohasset 0
Blackrock Beach Cohasset 0
Cohasset Water Supply Land Cohasset 0
Lawrence Wharf Cohasset 0
Little League Field Cohasset 0
Milliken-Bancroft Field Cohasset 0
Peppermint Brook CR Cohasset 0
Sandy Beach Cohasset 0
Skating Pond Cohasset 0
No Name Hingham 0