The Town of Danvers owns 1.5 square miles of land spanning 39 properties, and has 6 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Danvers is

Town of Danvers Property Map

Town of Danvers Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Town Forest Danvers 1.7
Proctor Farm Danvers 1.2
Emerson Brook Reservoir Land Middleton 0.9
Endicott Park Danvers 0.8
Greenleaf Open Space Danvers 0.3
Town of Danvers North Reading 0.2
Norris Brook Area Danvers 0.2
Town Land Danvers 0.2
Bradstreet Open Space Danvers 0.2
West St Canoe Launch Danvers 0.2
Town Conservation Land Danvers 0.1
No Name Danvers 0
No Name Danvers 0
136R North St. Danvers 0
Bishop/Nichols Watershed Danvers 0
Bishops Meadow Watershed Danvers 0
Brentwood Circle Danvers 0
Buxton Rd Land Danvers 0
Fox Hill Open Space Danvers 0
Frost Fish Brook Danvers 0
George Peabody Library Danvers 0
Glen Ave Saltmarsh Danvers 0
Juniper Ridge Open Space Danvers 0
Meadows Drainage Area Danvers 0
Nichols Brook Danvers 0
Nichols Brook Land Danvers 0
Nichols Brook Watershed Danvers 0
Plains Park Danvers 0
Popes Landing Danvers 0
Pt Bishops Meadow Drainage Danvers 0
Rocky Hill Circle Open Space Danvers 0
Rocky Hill Conservation Area Danvers 0
Sandy Beach Danvers 0
Stone Street Playground Danvers 0
Tapley Playground Danvers 0
The Meadows Danvers 0
Training Field Danvers 0
Williams School Danvers 0
No Name Middleton 0