The Town of Eastham owns 246 acres of land spanning 25 properties, and has 5 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Eastham is

Town of Eastham Property Map

Town of Eastham Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Wiley Park Eastham 1.2
Nickerson Property Eastham 1.0
Sandy Meadow Open Space Eastham 0.8
Cottontail Acres Eastham 0.7
Salt Pond Beach Eastham 0.6
First Encounter Beach Eastham 0.5
Rock Harbor Lndg Eastham 0.2
Cole Road Town Landing Eastham 0.0
Hemenway Landing Eastham 0.0
No Name Eastham 0
No Name Eastham 0
Campground Town Landing Eastham 0
Cooks Brook Beach Eastham 0
Deacon Paine Eastham 0
Great Pond Eastham 0
Great Pond Town Beach Eastham 0
Herring Brook Road Site Eastham 0
Jemima Pond Town Landing Eastham 0
Kingsbury Beach Town Landing Eastham 0
Mill Field Eastham 0
Snow Property Eastham 0
Sunken Meadow Beach Eastham 0
Thumpertown Beach Eastham 0
Thumpertown Beach Town Landing Eastham 0
Town Cove Eastham 0