The Town of Easton owns 3.8 square miles of land spanning 15 properties, and has 13 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Easton is

Town of Easton Property Map

Town of Easton Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Wheaton Farm Easton 6
Town Forest Easton 3.6
Flyaway Pond Management Area Easton 1.9
Fox Mountain Lot Easton 0.6
Old Pond/New Pond Area Easton 0.4
Tufts Farm Easton 0.1
Canoe River Aquifer Area Easton 0
Conservation Land Easton 0
Kane Lot Easton 0
Levine Purchase Easton 0
Metacomet Subdivision Easton 0
Off Dean Street Easton 0
Old Baldwin Street Dump Easton 0
Settler"S Pond Easton 0
Tucker Lot Easton 0