The Town of Edgartown owns 500 acres of land spanning 15 properties, and has 1.9 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Edgartown is

Town of Edgartown Property Map

Town of Edgartown Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Katama Farm Edgartown 0.5
No Name Edgartown 0.4
Mashachet Neck Edgartown 0.3
Chappy Indian Lot Edgartown 0.2
Cannonball Park Edgartown 0.1
Lighthouse Beach Edgartown 0.1
Katama Airpark Edgartown 0.1
No Name Edgartown 0
Caleb"S Common Edgartown 0
Chappy Point Beach Edgartown 0
Crackatuxet Cove/Herring Creek Edgartown 0
Marsh - Chappy Edgartown 0
Mattakesett Landing Edgartown 0
North Neck Hiighlands Preserve Edgartown 0
Public Landing Edgartown 0