The Town of Groton owns 1.5 square miles of land spanning 16 properties, and has 15 miles of public trails

Town of Groton Property Map

Town of Groton Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Groton Memorial Town Forest Groton 14
David Norris Property Groton 0.5
Campbell Well Site Groton 0.4
Hazel Grove Park Groton 0.3
The Groton Pool and Golf Center Groton 0.1
Hanson Playground Groton 0.0
Charles Bixby Conservation Area Groton 0.0
Bernier-Bissell Property Groton 0
Cow Pond Playing Fields Groton 0
Culter Field Groton 0
Legion Field Groton 0
Lyman Conservation Restriction Groton 0
Meredith Bissell Property Groton 0
Sawyer Common Groton 0
Stonebridge Farm Recreation Area Groton 0
Tarbell School Park Groton 0