The Town of Hopkinton owns 603 acres of land spanning 33 properties, and has 11 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Hopkinton is

Town of Hopkinton Property Map

Town of Hopkinton Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Cameron Woods Hopkinton 3.8
Town Forest Hopkinton 1.5
Whitehall Conservation Area Hopkinton 1.0
Hopkinton Crossing Hopkinton 0.7
College Rock Park Hopkinton 0.6
Phipps Woods Hopkinton 0.6
Berry Acres Hopkinton 0.6
Sylvan Way Conservation Area Hopkinton 0.3
Equus Hill Estates Hopkinton 0.3
Collela"S Park Hopkinton 0.2
Hearthstone Hopkinton 0.2
Emerald Hills East Hopkinton 0.2
Hopkinton Town Common Hopkinton 0.2
Springwood West Hopkinton 0.2
No Name Hopkinton 0.1
Reed Park Hopkinton 0.1
Sandy Island Beach Hopkinton 0.1
No Name Hopkinton 0
Aikens Park Hopkinton 0
Carrigan Park Hopkinton 0
Clinton St. Hopkinton 0
EMC Park Hopkinton 0
Emerald Hills West Hopkinton 0
Hill St. Land Hopkinton 0
Hopkinton Woods Hopkinton 0
Lumber St.-Town Land Hopkinton 0
Saddle Hill Road Lot Hopkinton 0
School St. Hopkinton 0
Stonegate Hopkinton 0
Timber Glen Hopkinton 0
Timber Glen - Spring St Land Hopkinton 0
Town Land - Braircliff Dr. Hopkinton 0
Wildwood Glen Hopkinton 0