The Town of Hudson owns 628 acres of land spanning 27 properties, and has 4.1 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Hudson is

Town of Hudson Property Map

Town of Hudson Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Gates Pond Reservoir Berlin 1.8
Danforth Creek Property Hudson 1.7
Riverside Park Hudson 0.4
O"Donnell Field Hudson 0.1
Liberty Park Hudson 0.1
Apsley Park Hudson 0.0
Wood Park Hudson 0.0
Pierce Estates Hudson 0.0
No Name Hudson 0
No Name Hudson 0
Boutwell Memorial Park Hudson 0
Buteau Land Hudson 0
Cherry Street Field and Playground Hudson 0
Chestnut Street Natural Area Hudson 0
Chestnut Well Hudson 0
Crystal Springs Hudson 0
Farina Field Hudson 0
Kane Well Hudson 0
Land Off Priest St. Hudson 0
Land off Causeway Street Hudson 0
Morse Property Hudson 0
Moulton Field Hudson 0
Potash Hill Water Tank Hudson 0
Rounttop Water Tank Hudson 0
Sauta Property Hudson 0
Town Forest Hudson 0
Tripps Pond Hudson 0