The Town of Hull owns 46 acres of land spanning 18 properties, and has 0.2 miles of public trails

Town of Hull Property Map

Town of Hull Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Mariners Park Hull 0.1
No Name Hull 0.0
No Name Hull 0
A St. Pier Hull 0
Bayside Park Hull 0
Captain Cleverly's Park Hull 0
Damon Pond Hull 0
Green Hill Playground Hull 0
Hampton Beach Hull 0
Hull Shore Reservation Hull 0
Joe Menice Ballfield Hull 0
Nantasket Ave & Spring St. Hull 0
Nantasket Pier Hull 0
Nantasket Pier Marine Hull 0
Stony Beach Hull 0
Sullivan Field Hull 0
Weir River Estuary Park Hull 0
Weir River Woods Hull 0