The Town of Lincoln owns 2.3 square miles of land spanning 37 properties, and has 32 miles of public trails

Town of Lincoln Property Map

Town of Lincoln Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Mount Misery Lincoln 7
Sandy Pond Trust Land Lincoln 2.9
Sandy Pond East Lincoln 2.9
Pine Hill Lincoln 2.4
Tanners Brook Lincoln 2.2
Codman South Lincoln 1.7
Baker Bridge South Lincoln 1.6
Bergen-Culver Conservation Land Lincoln 1.5
Codman North Lincoln 1.3
Pierce Park Lincoln 1.0
Baker Bridge North Lincoln 1.0
Ricci Farm Lincoln 0.8
Decordova Museum Lincoln 0.8
Sandy Pond North Lincoln 0.8
Dean Land Lincoln 0.7
Farm Meadow Conservation Land Lincoln 0.7
Smith Land Lincoln 0.4
Millots Land Lincoln 0.4
Garland Land Lincoln 0.4
Browning Fields Lincoln 0.4
No Name Lincoln 0.3
Sandy Pond Trust Lincoln 0.2
Smith-Andover Field Lincoln 0.2
Valley Brook Conservation Area Lincoln 0.1
Spencer Land Lincoln 0.1
Rogers Land Lincoln 0.1
No Name Lincoln 0.1
Denormandie Land Lincoln 0.0
No Name Lincoln 0
No Name Lincoln 0
Codman Community Farm Lincoln 0
Farrar Meadow Conservation Area Lincoln 0
Norton-Brown Land Lincoln 0
Old Concord Road Site Lincoln 0
Orchard Lane Lincoln 0
Paine Land Lincoln 0
Rural Land Foundation Lincoln 0