The Town of Littleton owns 1.7 square miles of land spanning 27 properties, and has 19 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Littleton is

Town of Littleton Property Map

Town of Littleton Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Oak Hill Conservation Site Littleton 6
Long Lake Park Littleton 3.8
Hartwell Family Memorial Preserve Littleton 2.8
George and Lucy Yapp Conservation Land Littleton 1.2
Newtown Hill Conservation Area Littleton 1.0
Morgan Land Littleton 0.7
Nagog Hill Orchard Extension Littleton 0.6
Shaker Lane School Land Littleton 0.6
Bumblebee Park Littleton 0.6
Mary Shepherd Open Space Littleton 0.5
Nagog Hill Orchard Littleton 0.4
No Name Littleton 0.2
300 King Street Park Littleton 0.2
Moore Land Littleton 0.1
Colonial Drive Conservation Land Littleton 0.1
Long Lake Beach Littleton 0.0
Littleton Common Littleton 0.0
No Name Littleton 0
Cloverdale Conservation Area Littleton 0
Fay Park Littleton 0
Fire Pond Area Littleton 0
Fort Pond Conservation Land Littleton 0
Koerper Field Littleton 0
Long Lake Waterfront Littleton 0
Mill Hill Conservation Area Littleton 0
Town Forest Littleton 0
Trot Lane Open Space Littleton 0