The Town of Marblehead owns 268 acres of land spanning 22 properties, and has 6 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Marblehead is

Town of Marblehead Property Map

Town of Marblehead Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
No Name Marblehead 1.7
Forest River Conservation Area Marblehead 0.7
No Name Marblehead 0.6
Seaside Park Marblehead 0.5
Wyman Woods Marblehead 0.4
Gerry Playground Marblehead 0.4
Thompsons Meadow Salem 0.3
Crocker Park Marblehead 0.3
Hawthorne Pond Conservation Area Marblehead 0.2
Fort Sewall Marblehead 0.2
Orne Park Marblehead 0.2
No Name Marblehead 0.1
Chandler-Hovey Park Marblehead 0.1
Castle Rock Beach Marblehead 0.1
Goldthwait Reservation Marblehead 0.0
No Name Salem 0.0
Wares Pond And Olivers Pond Marblehead 0.0
Devereux Beach Marblehead 0
Gatchell Playgound Marblehead 0
Grace Oliver Beach Marblehead 0
Riverhead Beach Marblehead 0
William I Hammond Park Marblehead 0