The Town of Maynard owns 336 acres of land spanning 33 properties, and has 4.3 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Maynard is

Town of Maynard Property Map

Town of Maynard Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Assabet River Trail Maynard 0.7
Durant Pond Town Park Maynard 0.6
No Name Maynard 0.5
No Name Maynard 0.4
Lemoine Land Maynard 0.3
No Name Maynard 0.3
Blue Jay Woods Maynard 0.2
Summer Hill Maynard 0.2
Mailett/Wilson Maynard 0.2
Tower Rd. & Summer St. Maynard 0.2
Lemoine Land (Colbert Hill) Maynard 0.2
Parcel "B" Maynard 0.2
Ledge Lot/ Lot "A" Maynard 0.1
Crowe Park Maynard 0.1
New Lot Along Assabet River Maynard 0.1
Maple Brook Park Maynard 0.0
Amory Ave. Lot Maynard 0
Burns Court Maynard 0
Carbone Park Maynard 0
Deer Hedge Run Condos Maynard 0
Everett Street Maynard 0
Jones-Summer Hill Lot Maynard 0
Lewis St. Lot Maynard 0
Lot "3"/Silver Hill Rd. Maynard 0
Lot "D" Maynard 0
Maybury Lot Maynard 0
Memorial Park Maynard 0
Patti & Nick Lane Area Maynard 0
Quirk Well Site Maynard 0
Reo Road Tot Lot Maynard 0
Summer Hill (North Slope) Maynard 0
Walcott St. Lot Maynard 0
Wilson Lot Maynard 0