The Town of Natick owns 340 acres of land spanning 35 properties, and has 3.0 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Natick is

Town of Natick Property Map

Town of Natick Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Hunnewell Town Forest Natick 1.5
Cochituate State Park Natick 0.6
No Name Natick 0.3
Mary Bunker Community Park Natick 0.2
Murphy Playground Natick 0.1
Charles River Dam Natick 0.1
East Playground Natick 0.1
No Name Natick 0.0
Albee E. Loker Park Natick 0.0
No Name Natick 0
No Name Natick 0
No Name Natick 0
No Name Natick 0
No Name Natick 0
No Name Natick 0
No Name Natick 0
Cole Recreation Center Natick 0
Coolidge Field Natick 0
Coolidge Hill Natick 0
Coolidge Woods Natick 0
Glen Street Park Natick 0
Henry Wilson Memorial Site Natick 0
Hunnewell Field Playground Natick 0
John J. Lane Park Natick 0
Lincoln School Natick 0
Lincoln Square Natick 0
Navy Yard Playground Natick 0
Old Town Park Natick 0
Pine Hill Natick 0
Shaw Park Natick 0
So. Natick Multi Purpose Area Natick 0
Town Forest Natick 0
Washburn Square Natick 0
West Hill Park Natick 0
Winter Woods Preservation Natick 0