The Town of Pepperell owns 2.0 square miles of land spanning 39 properties, and has 15 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Pepperell is

Town of Pepperell Property Map

Town of Pepperell Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Heald Street Orchard Pepperell 3.4
Nissitissit Meadows Pepperell 1.8
Heald Pond Conservation Area Pepperell 1.1
Bemis Road Conservation Area Pepperell 1.0
Pepperell Springs Pepperell 1.0
Bemis Road Well Pepperell 1.0
Keyes Conservation Area Pepperell 0.9
Riverside Donation Pepperell 0.8
B & M Row Pepperell 0.8
Blood"S Brook Ravine Pepperell 0.6
Town Forest Pepperell 0.6
Westside Trail Pepperell 0.4
Gulf Brook Conservation Area Pepperell 0.4
Nissitissit Middle School Pepperell 0.2
Stewart Brook Conservation Area Pepperell 0.2
The Land Between The Rivers Pepperell 0.1
Kemp Parcel Pepperell 0.1
Bemis Rd Sand Pit Pepperell 0
Boy Scout Parcel Pepperell 0
Boy Scout Parcels Pepperell 0
Cole Property Pepperell 0
Comisky Field Pepperell 0
Cranberry Woods Pepperell 0
Gulf & Steward Brook Watershed Pepperell 0
Homoleski Field Pepperell 0
Kennedy Field Pepperell 0
Lawrence Library Land Pepperell 0
Nashua River Shoreline Pepperell 0
Near Covered Bridge Pepperell 0
Pepperell Pond Pepperell 0
Shattuck Estates Pepperell 0
Sucker Brook Pepperell 0
Sucker Brook Access Pepperell 0
Town Field Pepperell 0
Town Hall Land Pepperell 0
Town Land Pepperell 0
Tucker Street Pepperell 0
Unkety Brook Watershed Pepperell 0
Varnum Brook Middle School Pepperell 0