The Town of Plymouth owns 4.5 square miles of land spanning 50 properties, and has 26 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Plymouth is

Town of Plymouth Property Map

Town of Plymouth Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Briggs Property Plymouth 7
Forge Field Property Plymouth 7
Plymouth Pine Hill Wildlife Conservation Easement Plymouth 3.4
Morton Park Plymouth 2.5
Little Island Pond Plymouth 2.0
No Name Plymouth 0.9
Rocky Pond Conservation Area Plymouth 0.6
Nelson Street Park Plymouth 0.4
Jenny Pond Park Plymouth 0.3
White Horse Beach Plymouth 0.3
No Name Plymouth 0.3
Brewster Gardens Park Plymouth 0.3
Manomet Recreation Area Plymouth 0.3
Indian Brook Conservation Area Plymouth 0.3
Training Green Plymouth 0.2
Cleft Rock Park Plymouth 0.2
No Name Plymouth 0.1
Fishermans Memorial Park Plymouth 0.1
Town Forest Plymouth 0.1
Bartlett Pond Plymouth 0.0
Walkway Plymouth 0.0
Depot Park Plymouth 0.0
No Name Plymouth 0
No Name Plymouth 0
No Name Plymouth 0
No Name Plymouth 0
No Name Plymouth 0
Bates Park Plymouth 0
Bloody Pond Conservation Area Plymouth 0
Boot Pond Conservation Area Plymouth 0
Briggs Field Plymouth 0
Brook Road Playground Plymouth 0
Cedarville Landing Plymouth 0
Center Hill Plymouth 0
Center Hill Preserve Plymouth 0
Churchill Landing Plymouth 0
Elmer E. Raymond Playground Plymouth 0
Fresh Pond Park Plymouth 0
Haskell Field Plymouth 0
Manomet Youth Center Plymouth 0
Myles Standish State Forest Plymouth 0
Old Elementary School Plymouth 0
Plymouth Long Beach Plymouth 0
Russell Mill Pond Plymouth 0
Sawmill Pond Area Plymouth 0
Shallow Pond Plymouth 0
Siever Field Plymouth 0
Stephens Field Plymouth 0
Taylor Ave. Wetlands Plymouth 0
Veterans Field Plymouth 0