The Town of Rockport owns 236 acres of land spanning 21 properties, and has 4.4 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Rockport is

Town of Rockport Property Map

Town of Rockport Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Pool Hill Forest Rockport 1.1
Delmater Sanctuary Rockport 0.9
No Name Rockport 0.7
Homecrest Rockport 0.4
Pool Hill Rockport 0.3
No Name Rockport 0.3
Manning Park Rockport 0.2
Loblolly & Emerson Points Rockport 0.2
Nugent Stretch Rockport 0.1
Headlands Rockport 0.1
Pigeon Hill Park Rockport 0.1
Mill Pond Park Rockport 0.1
Easterday Rockport 0.0
Pingree Park Rockport 0.0
No Name Rockport 0
No Name Rockport 0
No Name Rockport 0
Evans Field Rockport 0
Mill Brook Meadow Park Rockport 0
Star Island Park Rockport 0
Sticker Park Rockport 0