The Town of Rowley owns 376 acres of land spanning 16 properties, and has 0.4 miles of public trails

Town of Rowley Property Map

Town of Rowley Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Pingree Farm Conservation Area Rowley 0.2
Eiras Park Rowley 0.1
Smith Lane Conservation Area Rowley 0.1
No Name Rowley 0
No Name Rowley 0
No Name Rowley 0
No Name Rowley 0
Great Marsh North Wildlife Management Area Rowley 0
Hunsley Hills Conservation Area Rowley 0
Ox Pasture Brook Rowley 0
Sandy Bridge Rowley 0
Town Common Rowley 0
Town Conservation Land Rowley 0
Town Landing Rowley 0
Town Landing Conservation Area Rowley 0
Wilson Pond Rowley 0