The Town of Shirley owns 1.2 square miles of land spanning 28 properties, and has 4.5 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Shirley is

Town of Shirley Property Map

Town of Shirley Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Ronchetti Conservation Area Shirley 2.1
Townsend Road Land Shirley 0.6
Holden Road Cons. Area Shirley 0.6
Hunting Hills Wildlife Management Area Shirley 0.6
No Name Shirley 0.3
Whitley Park Shirley 0.2
Rich Tree Farm Shirley 0.1
Center School Shirley 0.0
No Name Shirley 0
Benjamin Hill Conservation Area Shirley 0
Benjamin Hill Recreation Area Shirley 0
Cons Land At Ayer/Shirley Shirley 0
Cons. Canoe/Boat Launch Shirley 0
Dow Parcel Shirley 0
Downey and Thompson Cons. Area Shirley 0
Executive Estates Open Space Shirley 0
Fredonian Park & Nature Center Shirley 0
Groton Rd Land Shirley 0
Holden Triangle Shirley 0
Hurd Property Shirley 0
Longley Farm Shirley 0
Lyon Cons. Area Shirley 0
Mitchell Conservation Area Shirley 0
Pumpkin Brook Shirley 0
Rumbo Island Shirley 0
Rust Conservation Area Shirley 0
Spruce Swamp Cons. Area Shirley 0
Squannacook Conservation Area Shirley 0