The Town of Stow owns 2.1 square miles of land spanning 26 properties, and has 24 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Stow is

Town of Stow Property Map

Town of Stow Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Stow Town Forest Stow 9
Flagg Hill Acton 4.6
Flagg Hill Stow 4.6
Marble Hill Conservation Area Stow 3.6
Captain Sargent Farm Conservation Area Stow 2.5
Heath Hen Meadow Brook Stow 2.1
Pine Bluff Beach Stow 0.6
Deerfield OS Stow 0.5
Babricki Land Stow 0.5
Pompositticut Stow 0.1
Red Acre Farm Maynard 0.1
Red Acre Farm Stow 0.1
Annie Moore Land Stow 0.1
Stow Memorial Athletic Field Stow 0.0
Apple Blossom Lane Land Stow 0
Boon Monument Stow 0
Carriage Lane Land Stow 0
Dawes Lot Stow 0
Gleasondale School Lot Stow 0
Kane Land Stow 0
Kingland Lots A & B Stow 0
Nyhan Land Stow 0
Pine Point Lot Stow 0
Susan Lawerence Land Stow 0
West School Stow 0
West School Parking Stow 0