The Town of Sudbury owns 2.0 square miles of land spanning 38 properties, and has 14 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Sudbury is

Town of Sudbury Property Map

Town of Sudbury Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Sudbury Water District Sudbury 3.3
Hopbrook Marsh Conservation Land Sudbury 2.2
Piper Farm Conservation Area Sudbury 2.2
Davis Farm Conservation Land Sudbury 1.9
Nobscot Reservation Sudbury 1.2
Haynes Meadow Sudbury 0.6
Lincoln Meadows Sudbury 0.4
Haskell Field Sudbury 0.4
Featherland Park Sudbury 0.3
Heritage Park Sudbury 0.3
Raymond Reservation Sudbury 0.3
Frost Farm Sudbury 0.2
Raymond Road Parcel Sudbury 0.2
Carding Mill Pond Sudbury 0.1
Barton Farms Sudbury 0.0
Sudbury Water District Land Concord 0
No Name Sudbury 0
No Name Sudbury 0
No Name Sudbury 0
Atkinson Parcel Sudbury 0
Crystal Lake Parcels Sudbury 0
Eisner Parcel Sudbury 0
Feeley Field Sudbury 0
Forest Street Parcel Sudbury 0
Hunt Road Conservation Area Sudbury 0
Kato Parcel Sudbury 0
Morse Road Conservation Area Sudbury 0
Morse Road Parcel Sudbury 0
Newfell Parcel Sudbury 0
Parkinson Parcel Sudbury 0
Second Division Brook Sudbury 0
Sexton Street Parcels Sudbury 0
Stearns Pond Parcel Sudbury 0
Sudbury Water District Land Sudbury 0
Waite Parcel Sudbury 0
Wake Robin Conservation Area Sudbury 0
Wash Brook Parcel Sudbury 0
conservation land Sudbury 0