The Town of Wakefield owns 333 acres of land spanning 23 properties, and has 3.9 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Wakefield is

Town of Wakefield Property Map

Town of Wakefield Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Town Forest Wakefield 1.0
Round Park Wakefield 0.7
Mapleway Playground Wakefield 0.5
Hall Park Wakefield 0.4
Upper Common Wakefield 0.3
Spring Street Park Wakefield 0.2
Reedy Meadow Wakefield 0.2
Veterans Field Wakefield 0.2
Colonel Connelly Park Wakefield 0.2
Lower Common Wakefield 0.1
Spaulding St Wakefield 0.1
Nasella Playground Wakefield 0.0
No Name Wakefield 0
No Name Wakefield 0
No Name Wakefield 0
Conservation Land Wakefield 0
Crystal Lake Watershed Wakefield 0
Little League Field Wakefield 0
Mill River Floodplain Wakefield 0
Moulton Playground Wakefield 0
Oldtown Wells/Pumping Station Wakefield 0
Sullivan Memorial Park Wakefield 0
Sullivan Playground Ext Wakefield 0