The Town of Westwood owns 591 acres of land spanning 33 properties, and has 6 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Westwood is

Town of Westwood Property Map

Town of Westwood Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Mulvehill Conservation Westwood 1.3
Lowell Woods Westwood 1.2
Currier/Anderson Westwood 1.1
Grimm Conservation Westwood 0.7
Sandy Valley Westwood 0.6
Shuttleworth Land Westwood 0.3
Martha Jones School Westwood 0.3
The Pitts/Rynsaardt Westwood 0.2
Pheasant Hill Westwood 0.1
Buckmaster /Maple Norwood Westwood 0.1
Paul R. Hanlon School Westwood 0.1
Mill Brook Reservation Westwood 0.1
Westwood Veterans' Park Westwood 0.1
Rice Reservation Westwood 0.0
Germany Brook / Lovell Westwood 0.0
No Name Westwood 0
No Name Westwood 0
No Name Westwood 0
Blue Hill Vista Westwood 0
Crouse Pond Westwood 0
Crouse Sisters Westwood 0
Deviney Westwood 0
Draper Ave Cons. Area Westwood 0
Fay Conservation Area Westwood 0
Haslam Pond Westwood 0
Lakeshore Memorial Park Westwood 0
Mcfarland Cr Westwood 0
Mcfarland Cr (Clapboardtree St) Westwood 0
R.C. Morrison Park Westwood 0
Reimer Property Westwood 0
Rock Meadow Brook Westwood 0
Seavey Conservation Land Westwood 0
Wentworth Area Westwood 0