The Town of Westwood owns 622 acres of land spanning 33 properties, and has 6 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Westwood is

Town of Westwood Property Map

Town of Westwood Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Currier/Anderson Westwood 1.1
Martha Jones School Westwood 1.0
Lowell Woods Westwood 0.8
Mulvehill Conservation Westwood 0.8
Grimm Conservation Westwood 0.7
Shuttleworth Land Westwood 0.3
The Pitts/Rynsaardt Westwood 0.2
Pheasant Hill Westwood 0.1
Sandy Valley Westwood 0.1
Buckmaster /Maple Norwood Westwood 0.1
Germany Brook / Lovell Westwood 0.1
Paul R. Hanlon School Westwood 0.1
Mill Brook Reservation Westwood 0.1
Rice Reservation Westwood 0.0
No Name Westwood 0
Blue Hill Vista Westwood 0
Conservation (Church?) Westwood 0
Conservation (Temple?) Westwood 0
Crouse Pond Westwood 0
Crouse Sisters Westwood 0
Deviney Westwood 0
Draper Ave Cons. Area Westwood 0
Fay Conservation Area Westwood 0
Haslam Pond Westwood 0
Lakeshore Memorial Park Westwood 0
Mcfarland Cr Westwood 0
Mcfarland Cr (Clapboardtree St) Westwood 0
O Toole Westwood 0
R.C. Morrison Park Westwood 0
Reimer Property Westwood 0
Rock Meadow Brook Westwood 0
Seavey Conservation Land Westwood 0
Wentworth Area Westwood 0