The Town of Winchester owns 168 acres of land spanning 29 properties, and has 3.4 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Winchester is

Town of Winchester Property Map

Town of Winchester Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Davidson Park Winchester 0.4
Locke Farm Winchester 0.4
Smith Pond Conservation Winchester 0.4
Mount Pisgah Winchester 0.3
Vinson-Owen School Winchester 0.3
Leonard Field And Beach Winchester 0.3
Mill Pond Winchester 0.2
Bicycle Path Winchester 0.2
Brooks-Parkhurst Town Forest Winchester 0.2
Town Common Winchester 0.2
Ginn Field Winchester 0.1
Wadleigh Park Winchester 0.1
Skilling Field Winchester 0.1
Judkins Pond Winchester 0.1
Dennett Park Winchester 0.0
Addition To Sachem Swamp Winchester 0
Elliot Park Winchester 0
Glen Green Winchester 0
Highland Park Winchester 0
Lots 351-354 Winchester 0
McDonald Field Winchester 0
Middlesex Park Winchester 0
Mullen Playfield Winchester 0
Palmer Playground Winchester 0
Park Along Aberjona River Winchester 0
Sachem Swamp Winchester 0
Wedge Pond Outlet Winchester 0
West Side Field Winchester 0
Winter Pond Winchester 0