The Town of Winthrop owns 53 acres of land spanning 17 properties, and has 2.4 miles of public trails The official website for Town of Winthrop is

Town of Winthrop Property Map

Town of Winthrop Property List

Name Town Public Trails miles
Ingleside Park Winthrop 0.8
Coughlin Park Winthrop 0.4
Public Landing Winthrop 0.4
Lewis Lake Winthrop 0.3
Crest Ave Park Winthrop 0.2
Small Park Winthrop 0.2
Brook Field Winthrop 0.1
Pond St Playground Winthrop 0.0
Beach Road Winthrop 0
Crystal Cove Jetty Winthrop 0
Egleton Park Winthrop 0
Harold French Square Winthrop 0
Larson Rink Winthrop 0
Lewis Terrace Winthrop 0
Metcalf Square Winthrop 0
Pico Playground & Beach Winthrop 0
Summit Ave Park Winthrop 0