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OpenStreetMap Social Resources

Reaching out to other OpenStreetMap members to discuss this or other parcels is a great way to improve the map. For conservation focused mapping activity, the best resource is the MA Talk mailing list. It just for Massachusetts and it has many conservation focused people as members. The OpenStreetMap website has two ways of communicating. You can ask a question or leave a comment on any changeset with the changeset discussion feature. Or you can message members directly using the osm user name. Finally, the OSM Wiki has a Massachusetts Conservation page for discussing specific issues for OSM conservation mapping in Massachusetts.

Property Location and Shape

If the location or the shape of the property needs improvement, please edit the geometry of these these OpenStreetMap entities: 470687753

Many open space parcels originated from an import of the MassGIS Data: Protected and Recreational OpenSpace dataset in 2008. At the time, this data set was created from tracing low resolution paper maps. Therefor, the size and location of virtually all of the data imported in 2008 is often 100's of feet off. The easiest was of improving the locations of this older data is the OSM The MassGIS L3 Parcel imaging layer.

This layer can be added to your editor for reference -{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

If another mapper has adjusted the geometry after 2008, they may know that the L3 parcels layer is inaccurate at that location. If you are not sure, message them in OpenStreetMap either directly or via the changeset discussion feature to discuss the parcel.

OpenStreetMap Property Tags


Missing trails - Please add them to OpenStreetMap.

A trail is on the map that does not exist - If the trail really does not exist, simply delete it. Note that a trail simply being on private property is not a reason to delete it, but setting access=private may be appropriate.

A sidewalk is shown as trails - Add a surface=paved tag and/or footway=sidewalk tag to the OpenStreetMap entity.

A trail is shown as a sidewalk - Add a surface=ground tag to the OpenStreetMap entity.

A trail is on OpenStreetMap, but not shown in mass-trails. Try adding surface=ground, and check the access tag.

A bike trail is shown as a trail or sidewalk - Use the highway=cycleway tag on the OpenStreetMap Entity.

Incorrect access (public, private, etc) - On, trails that don't have access tags inherit the access tag of the property. Since it is less work to tag the properties, start off by verifying that property access tag is correct.


Missing Car Parking - Add the parking area to OpenStreetMap, if the property is open to the public please add access=yes, or access=permissive to the OpenStreetMap parking entity.

Private Car Parking - If a parking area is listed as available for the property, but shouldn't be, add access=customer, or access=private to the OpenStreetMap parking entity.