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Properties With No Name

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121.1 acres,

Properties With No Owner

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Properties With An Unknown Access Tag Value

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No Name - restricted 121.1 acres,

Properties With Multiple OpenStreetMap Entities

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Renfrew Park - 3 Entities, Memorial Park - 2 Entities,

Properties Without Websites

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Mount Greylock State Reservation 13864.7 acres, Savoy Mountain State Forest 12560.8 acres, No Name 121.1 acres, Adams Rail Trail 22.4 acres, Valley Street Field 11.1 acres, George Bowe Park 9.7 acres, Renfrew Park 6.7 acres, Russell Street Field 5.3 acres, Ashuwillticook Rail Trail 5.0 acres, Youth Center 4.9 acres, Quality Street Field 2.4 acres, Liberty Street Field 1.7 acres, Memorial Park 1.3 acres, Albert Reid Field 0.9 acres, Town Common 0.6 acres, Siara Street Field 0.4 acres,

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