Nickerson State Park - Brewster - MA

The Nickerson State Park conservation property is owned by the DCR - Division of State Parks and Recreation. It is 1962 acres and was purchased on 1987. This property is open to the public.

The property has 42 miles of public trails.

Directions To Parking: Cape Cod, Nickerson Overflow Parking, Nickerson Overflow Parking, Nickerson Park Store, Nickerson State Park, Off Area 1 Loop Road, Off Area 3 Loop Road, Off Area 3 Loop Road, Off Area 4 Loop Road, Off Area 6 Loop Road, Off Area 6X Loop Road, Off Crosby Lane, Off Crosby Lane, Off Daffodil Cartway, Off Labrador Lane, Off Linnell Landing Road, Slipway Parking.

Trail Map